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Sincere congratulations to all the winners and finalists who took part in The Seafish 2015 National Fish & Chip Awards. We wish you all continued success in 2015.

We are extremely proud to be suppliers to the following great operators.

Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award
• Frankies Fish & Chips in Shetland – Winner & UK No1
• Simpson’s Fish & Chips in Cheltenham – 2nd Place in the UK
• Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln – Eastern Regional Winner

Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year Award
• Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln – Winner & UK No1
• Simpson’s Fish & Chips in Cheltenham – Finalist

Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Competition
• Rachel Tweedale of Elite Fish & Chips in Sleaford – Winner & UK No1
• Kat Deuchars of John Dory’s in Belfast – 2nd in the UK

Good Catch The Sustainable Seafood Award
• Frankies Fish & Chips in Shetland – Winner
• Olleys Fish Experience – Finalist

NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Award ‘Champion’Award
• Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln – Finalist

Healthy Eating ‘Fish and Chips’ Award
• Towngate Fisheries in Idle – Winner

Staff Training and Development Award
• Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln – Winner

From Field To Frier Award
• Simpson’s Fish & Chips in Cheltenham – Winner

Well done to you all, you have all worked so hard. We encourage everyone to enter The National Fish & Chip Awards by Seafish. The above shops use all or a combination of our products, goods or services.


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Dear Customers,

As you may be aware on the 13th December 2014 you are required to provide allergen information to your customers.

Please find attached our Allergens Matrix, if you need further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Stelios Theocharous

Managing Director


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At The Batter Company we recognised the need for Fish & Chip Shops to have a poster to tell their customers that 20% of their takings went to HMRC in VAT. When we saw on the various social media and NFFF pages that friers were in agreement, Wendy got to work straight away. And here is the result.

TBC chalkboard

We are very grateful to the NFFF for checking the wording for us, The NFFF will be sending posters to their members through the NFFF magazine. For any non members or for anyone who would like spare copies you can purchase them using the link below.

The posters are made from 180gsm Card with a gloss finish, so will withstand some wear and tear.

The poster prices include VAT, but do not include Signed for Postage of £4.10.

Stelios Says:
I firmly believe that all messages to promote the industry must start on a local level, fryer/operator to customer face to face. If enough operators spread the word on a local level then a national campaign can rise from it. I think this poster will give you the talking point you need to start the conversation with customers about VAT.


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Exhibition debut for The Batter Company

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Well, we’re back! Our first ever exhibition as The Batter Company last weekend, and what a day it was!

When we arrived at the Peterborough venue, we found  just a basic and rather uninspiring shell stand, but with some noisy Batter Company graphics panels and two noisy friers (three if you count me!) we soon made it our own.

shell Fry IT

Florigo – bless ‘em – lent us a lovely little Solo fryer, and The Bay and Simpsons lent me Calum Richardson and James Ritchie to cook on it, and plenty of great Batter Company samples were prepared in fine style and eaten by all-comers. We were actually cooking fishcakes, made with our super Complete Fishcake Mix, and they went down a bomb. To demonstrate the lightness and cleanliness of our Natural Batter, James and Calum were also frying battered onion rings – and what a pleasure they were to eat!

Calum and solo Fry IT

Was it worth it? Yes, I believe so – we spoke to a lot of friers, made a few new friends, and the sheer quality of what Calum and James were turning out of the little Florigo must have converted a lot of people to the benefits of a natural product. Folks liked the Solo too – it’s ideal for menu items like gluten-free which need to be segregated from the main ranges to maintain ingredient integrity.

James said: “It was great to spend time with Stelios and Calum on Sunday – it was lighthearted and fun and I think this atmosphere attracted people to come and speak to us. Stelios didn’t take a hard-sell approach and just let potential customers come to him, which they did in hordes! The homemade fishcakes and onion rings we fried went down a treat. I hope next time we’ll be able to prepare samples of all the products for people to try, as they’d sell themselves!”

Calum said: “It went very well – the stand had a continual presence. It was probably about time Stelios and The Batter Company did an exhibition, as he has a lot of big clients – and I don’t mean me! – and could do with the exposure out there in the marketplace. Visitors to the stand were interested and loved the stuff we served them, and the fact he had two customers – me and James – working the stand for him speaks for itself! With him already planning the next public outing for the company, it just has to be all positive.”

james and calum Fry IT

And Stelios says: “An excellent day, and well worth it. I have no doubt we’ll be back next year – it’s such a lovely friendly atmosphere. I have to put my thanks on record – not only to James and Calum who did a sterling job – but also to Florigo who lent us the little range, and Roxanne for making it all run smoothly.

“As a first attempt at exhibiting, I don’t think we did too badly!”


We cook for Raymond Blanc!

Posted by wendy durham February 21, 2014 - 5:20 pm

On Monday 17th February 2014, the great and good in the world of sustainability met at the Roast restaurant in Borough Market in London to celebrate the annual Sustainable Restaurant Awards. President Raymond Blanc – and a host of other notables gathered for the occasion – were fed by Neil Forbes (Cafe St Honore), Calum Richardson (The Bay Fish and Chips) and Carina Contini (The Scottish Café and Restaurant) who proudly served the guests with three courses of Scottish classics.

Calum, last year’s SRA winner in the Scottish Sustainable Restaurant of the Year category, as well as being the 2013 chippy of the year and a keen Batter Company customer, was ably assisted by Stelios Theocharous of The Batter Company, and Fred Capel of Chez Fred, recent winner of the Seafish Outstanding Achievement Award for 2014. And yes, you guessed, their main course offering was fish, chips and mushy peas!

Here’s Raymond Blanc sampling the fantastic offering served up by our fish and chip masters –

Raymond Blanc at SRA

It was just as well Calum had some help, because this year The Bay won yet another SRA Award – this time, the SRA Award for Environment

It’s good to see another reward for the massive efforts Calum and Lindsay have made since they opened The Bay in 2006 to push their sustainability credentials to the limits. Not only the first MSC certified haddock supplier in Scotland, but also – according to the SRA’s statement – “The Bay has gone way beyond what might be expected of a restaurant. It has implemented a host of environmental measures, including using renewable energy and eco cleaning products, ensuring all catering disposables are made from recycled, biodegradable and compostable materials and calculating the carbon footprint of the restaurant.

“This is in addition to recycling all possible items and having an in-house water filtration system.”

Hearty congratulations to the Richardsons for their on-going passion to serve the best and the most ecologically sound fish and chips in Britain!

But what did the chefs think?

Calum said: “The SRA awards are very well received, attract a lot of top names in the industry, and highlight the importance of sustainability – which is very close to our hearts at The Bay.

“I was actually in Japan when they invited me to cook at the event, and it was a real honour to be asked. What I really wanted was to raise the profile of fish and chips – but to achieve a lifetime ambition by cooking for Raymond Blanc at the same time? Who gets luck like that?

“I decided to take Fred and Stelios with me, as I believe in sharing things and I knew they would do stuff to my brief. And because they are both “foodies” that meant they would really care about it. Getting the award yesterday was amazing – but for me cooking for it was the real award!”

Fred said: “What a great day! It was pretty hard – the frying equipment was lower capacity than we were all used to, and there was a lot of pressure on us about timings and so on. A lot of work, both prep and cooking. But once we really got our heads down and into it, the buzz came on and we just got on with it!

“And where we were cooking, we could overlook the main dining area, and it was great to see everyone out there tucking into the food we’d cooked and really enjoying it.”

SRA fish and chips 2

And Stelios says: “It was an honour to know that Calum was serving such distinguished guests at the SRA event with some of the products that we design and manufacture for him, but when he invited me and Fred Capel to help him prepare and cook them I knew I was going to have to work for a living!

“It was a great day and we enjoyed the challenge of not having enough time and not the best equipment – but when we served the product and saw people’s faces, it was all worth it.”

What goes around comes around…

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Some years back, in about 2007, I got together with the then editor of Fish & Chips and Fast Food, and we agreed that I – as a young and passionate fish frier – would write a regular column for the magazine. Many of you may remember my straight-talking “The way I see it….” page which I wrote for several years until I simply got too busy and could no longer commit to a regular monthly article….

Now the tables have turned. Wendy Durham – for it was indeed she – no longer edits the FCFF magazine, and now has some time in her busy life to return to her PR roots. So after six years of writing for her, I immediately grabbed her so she could write for me!

wendy lo-res

Her in-depth knowledge of our trade, her nose for good promotional opportunities, and her innate PR skills for seeing where a product may be relevant to different markets, or for providing extra menu items in an existing market, will help the Batter Company go forward into 2014 with a new impetus.

Not only will we continue to develop new products and refine our existing portfolio, we may be able to penetrate additional markets for our products and gain a manufacturing economy of scale that will let us improve our offerings right across the board. My own time will be freed up from the PR aspects so that I can spend more time doing more of the things that will keep the Batter Company growing greater – developing new products, creating new applications for existing products, building better penetration of existing markets, finding new markets…and naturally, continuing to support our existing dedicated customers and wholesalers.

One new service we’ll be able to offer to those of you who are kind enough to endorse Batter Company products by providing us with your valuable case studies, is local promotion to your regional media. So your story won’t just live on the Batter Company Blog – Wendy will make sure it gets out to all the local newspapers and magazines in your area, so that your customers will see the amazing food you offer, and – with luck! – will be beating down your doors for your wonderful fish and chips.

There’ll be lots more ideas going forward, and – now I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands – new and exciting developments in the product range.

Watch this space!


P.S. And don’t expect to hear much more from me – when you have someone of Wendy’s calibre barking for you, why bark yourself? If you want to contact wendy email her at

French’s Fish & Chips – 90 year old batter recipe gets an upgrade.

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Range: Florigo
Supplier: Friars Pride
Products: Natural Batter Powder & Chip Shop Curry Sauce


Fish and Chips on the quayside is a great British tradition, and pretty seaside town Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast, home of French’s, Norfolk’s oldest fish and chip shop is no exception. Situated just 15 minutes from the sea, in the summer you will find dozens of people sitting on the harbor wall enjoying French’s award-winning fish and chips.

Marcus French’s great grandfather started the fish and chip shop 90 years ago after he came back from the First World War and married a local girl. Earlier this year French’s celebrated their 90th anniversary with 90p fish and chips equivalent to 1980’s prices. A portion at 1920’s prices would have been only 5p! Times have changed dramatically from the old days of using coal fired ovens and using cochineal in the batter in his grandfather’s time.


Marcus French, took over the running from his father back in 1984 and now the fourth generation, Alanna and Arianne, are working in the shop continuing the family tradition of serving cod, haddock and plaice.
After forty years at the helm Marcus still enjoys the buzz; “On a busy sunny day, seeing queues of people and looking along the quay wall with hundreds of people eating our product and enjoying it. My grandfather and father before me helped establish the town’s reputation for quality fish and chips. Many families keep coming back year after year, some started visiting as kids in the 1950’s and they tell me that the fish and chips is just as good now as then.”

French’s are the first Fish & Chip shop in Norfolk to be the holder of the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality award and best Fish & Chip shop voted by North Norfolk Guide in 2012 and 2013. They also keep their name in the spotlight by being featured on local TV and radio and they have recently been recommended in the Sunday Times.

Marcus met Stelios from The Batter Company through Chippy Chat and industry exhibitions. Marcus explains; “We discovered that we both worked in family businesses and had a lot in common. I discussed with Stelios the dilemma that I had with our family batter recipe. It had been handed down through the generations and the recipe was extremely popular with the customers. I was reluctant to change the recipe but I realized that our batter mix needed to be more healthy.

Can you seen French's Fish & Chips? Image copyright belongs to

Can you seen French’s Fish & Chips?
Image copyright belongs to

I was delighted when The Batter Company managed to produce a Natural Batter Powder without bad e-numbers. The great thing is that the mix tastes exactly the same only more natural.

“Using a pre-prepared Batter Powder means that you can rely on it to be consistent every time. There is no scope for human error, for example adding a little too much baking powder. My team and I all find it easy to use. The recipe handed down through the family basically consisted of a raising agent or baking powder which was activated with cream of tartar or beer. The Batter Company batter mix is essentially the same system but it is now natural and healthier for our consumers.

We have had curry sauce on the menu for a long time but I made the switch to The Batter Company Chip Shop Curry Sauce simply because it tastes far better than the one we used to use. The Batter Company Curry Sauce has real herbs and spices and, most importantly, our customers love it!


The Batter Company has enabled us to reduce our wastage and improved our margins because we can order smaller bags, 4 bags in a case. The Natural Batter Powder and the Chip Shop Curry Sauce arrives in sealed bags which we put into air tight containers keeping the product fresher for longer.

What is the secret of the success and longevity of the French’s fish and chip business?
“Keep things simple” Marcus says, “Good quality fish, fresh local potatoes, home made batter, good quality frying, and years of experience. You are only as good as your last lot of fish and chips so you must keep moving with the times, but fish and chips will carry on being Britain’s favourite meal.”

The view from French's when tide is low.  Image copyright belongs to

The view from French’s when tide is low.
Image copyright belongs to

For more information on the Natural Batter Powder and Chip Shop Curry Sauce.

Moxon’s Fish Bar – No Ordinary Fish & Chip Shop

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You might think that with fennel salad and grilled fish on the menu, Moxon’s Fish Bar is not a typical fish and chip shop – and with restaurateur and one of London’s top fishmongers, Robin Moxon at the helm – you would be right!

Based in a busy, cosmopolitan area of SW London full of bistros, cafes and independent shops attracting a vibrant mix of people, Moxon’s appeals to customers looking for top quality, fresh fish and ethically sourced fish.

Robin buys daily from Billingsgate and sources ethically sourced fish direct from suppliers all around the British coast. He has three fishmongers, in Clapham South, East Dulwich and South Kensington each one unique in its’ own way with customer friendly touches such as a selection of cookbooks available for customers to browse through and seasonal vegetables and selected groceries on sale too.

Moxon’s Fish Bar re-opened last year after a refurbishment which resulted in the kitchen being enlarged to focus on the core business, the takeaway. The Fish Bar now has a simple stylish interior.


The menu concentrates on freshly cooked fresh to order depending what is available that day. In a recent Daily Mail survey 66% of fresh fish sold in the UK’s leading supermarkets were at or below the level of consumer acceptability. Three samples of Moxon’s fish were tested, without Robin’s knowledge and came top for odour, flavour and texture.
Robin explains: “Our fish is not freshly defrosted or freshly cooked from frozen. It is British fish and it’s fresh!” In a recent Daily Mail survey 66% of fresh fish sold in the UK’s leading supermarkets were at or below the level of consumer acceptability. Three samples of Moxon’s fish were tested, without Robin’s knowledge and came top for odour, flavour and texture. (see Daily Mail link below).

A typical choice could include deep fried cod, haddock, hake, plaice, grilled mackerel, sea bream, squid and sardines. As an alternative to the traditional side order of a chips, customers can choose savoury rice, a perfect accompaniment to grilled fish or a beautifully presented salad with fennel cut mandolin-thin and shreds of black olive and parsley leaf or beetroot salad.


When it came to finding the perfect batter mix, Robin had tried lots of different solutions including making his own. “I was looking for a light, natural batter without additives. My traditional home made beer batter, although totally delicious, can mask the flavour of the fish! I wanted a batter mix that would deliver consistent results and complement the fish. I trialled some batter samples from The Batter Company and was very impressed by the natural, golden colour. I chose it because I found that I wasn’t left feeling bloated. We like using it because we can guarantee that the results are consistent and it is so time saving.


The Batter Company Batter Mix is a crisp, light batter and it doesn’t overwhelm the flavour of the fish and most importantly our customers like it!”

Moxon’s Fish Bar
7 Westbury Parade
Balham Hill
SW12 9DZ

Moxon’s Fresh Fish Website –
Moxon’s Fish Bar Website –
Follow on Twitter – @moxonsfish

The Scallop Shell – Seafood From The British Seas

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Garry Rosser has been a chef for 25 years but it was working with award winning Mitch Tonks, one of the leading seafood chefs and restaurateurs in the UK, that fired his passion for seafood. It was no surprise, that Garry would grab the chance of netting a seafood restaurant of his own one day.

“It was inspirational working with Mitch and he opened my eyes to the fantastic fish available around our coast. I was doing a project in a farm shop back in 2008 when the owner offered me the opportunity of fulfilling my dream of having my own seafood restaurant. Five years ago we opened the fishmongers. We have just celebrated the second anniversary of opening the Scallop Shell Fish and Chips Shop and we are excited to be shortlisted for the best newcomer in the National Fish and Chips Awards taking place in London in January.”
The Scallop Shell Fishmongers, Seafood Deli and Fish and Chips Shop is based in the White Row farm shop complex near Beckington, Frome, Somerset.


Garry explains: “Our mission is to provide customers with the freshest fish and seafood available. Our produce is shipped to us first thing every morning from the fishing ports of South Devon and Cornwall.
We only work with suppliers committed to sustainability or small artisan fisheries whose livelihoods depend on the future availability of their catches. Our landings board varies every day as we only sell fresh fish delivered daily from market or direct from the boats.

I love the simplicity of cooking with fish. It’s about taking the best quality ingredients that you can and being passionate about focusing on our skills.

We cook to order and have two menus. The classic menu features all the favourites that you would expect to find at a fish and chips shop with cod being our best seller. We also offer a choice of grilled fish and salads.
The Fishmongers and deli offer at least 20 different types of fish and shellfish which we use in our own recipes. We make our own smoked salmon pastes, fishcakes and taramaslata.


When we first opened the fish and chips shop we were busy in the evenings but now lunchtime is busy too. Our record so far is 2,000 portions of fish and chips during one summer holiday week. Being so busy and cooking to order means that we need to focus on delivering what we are good at.

We decided to outsource the skills needed to produce excellent batter – to the expert – Stelios at The Batter Company. Stelios is the flour and batter expert and he gave us some great advice as we were having problems making large quantities of tempura batter. I was impressed with how the The Batter Company Natural Batter Mix produced consistent results and was very easy to use.

I decided to purchase the Batter Mix because the ingredients are completely natural, it looks so appetizing but it is really all about the flavour – the flavour is great! The batter colour looks completely natural, depending on the oil we use the colour varies slightly lighter or darker.


Using The Batter Company Batter Mix brings down the flow cup time from 1.15 to just 45 seconds, making it thinner and crispier. We mix 3.3 kilos of batter mix with 125 gms salt and 5.4L ice cold water. Batter is like a Yorkshire pudding mix if it is too thick the heat can’t get right the way through and you end up with a soggy texture. As we are using less batter it is healthier and it has helped increase our profits too!

As the Batter Mix takes less cooking time our fish is never dry or over cooked. Our customers love the taste of the juicier fish and the crispier batter. The Batter Company Natural Batter mix has completely improved our product.”

The Scallop Shell
Whiterow Farm
Near Frome
BA11 6TN

Fishmonger Tel: 01373 831 641
Fish & Chip Shop Tel: 01373 830 510
Website –
Facebook –
Follow on Twitter – @thescallopshell

Monday – Closed
Tuesday to Friday – 9.00 – 6.00
Saturday – 9.00 – 5.00
Sunday – Closed

November – March – Open Midday till 8.30pm
April – October – Open Midday till 9pm
We are closed on Sundays